Never been released before video on where Flud was going before its 180° pivot from B2C to B2B


We often hear about company successes, successful hires, successful launches, successful milestones that were hit, successful this-that-and-the-other, but often startups that were once sensationalized, fail. It is the nature of small businesses - our ecosystem acting out its darwinian instincts.

Last month Techcrunch wrote up a detailed post-mortem on Flud News. The story became a Monday-morning sensation and one of the top stories on Techcrunch all week. Why? Well because which founder doesn’t like reading about failed startups? Its a free course on “things I need to avoid.” We all make a lot of the same mistakes, if only enough of us talked about these mistakes honestly we may just affect a successful net outcome in our ecosystem.

My perspective on Flud’s...

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