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Never been released before video on where Flud was going before its 180° pivot from B2C to B2B


We often hear about company successes, successful hires, successful launches, successful milestones that were hit, successful this-that-and-the-other, but often startups that were once sensationalized, fail. It is the nature of small businesses - our ecosystem acting out its darwinian instincts.

Last month Techcrunch wrote up a detailed post-mortem on Flud News. The story became a Monday-morning sensation and one of the top stories on Techcrunch all week. Why? Well because which founder doesn’t like reading about failed startups? Its a free course on “things I need to avoid.” We all make a lot of the same mistakes, if only enough of us talked about these mistakes honestly we may just affect a successful net outcome in our ecosystem.

My perspective on Flud’s postmortem is for another post, another time. Today I wanted to share a video that I have never...

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What’s all this talk about being a Big fish in a Little pond?

two fish

Upon simple examination it seems to me that being a Big fish in a little pond feels uncomfortable, lonely, and mundane. You see the same rocks, plants and fish every day and the Big fish is easier to find, catch and kill for dinner with no room to hide.

On the other hand the Little fish in the big pond is on an adventure, no day is like any other, it is harder to find, harder to catch, and meets plenty of other fish along the way. Sure the Little fish is likely to bump into other big fish but its got plenty more room to hide and grow.

Which fish would you rather be?

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The first website I got paid $100 to design, boy its been a long 10 years!

I fell in love with the web when I was first introduced to it in 1999. Then I fell in love with Photoshop, HTML and Actionscript when I first got introduced to them in 2001. When I got my hands on my first copy of Photoshop, boy those were the really good, young, naive and early days.

I spent every waking hour on forums, taking in sage advise on things like “How to design Apple’s aqua button” and “A step by step guide on creating a metallic font effect.” Holy shit, those were the good days!!

Back in 2003, with two years of design “experience” under my belt, my first client paid me to design him a gaming website layout. He promised I’d get a crisp new hundred dollar bill in the mail. I delivered and so did he. That was the first time I realized I could design for a living and I tripled down on this career path and boy am I glad that I...

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Startups, I want to challenge the concept of having a “Plan B”

plan b

Certain things require a plan B, ex: rescue missions, wars, campaigning for an election, getting out of personal financial debt, science experiments etc. But i’m not convinced that startups can adequately plan for a “B” scenario.

To be clear, I think having “tactical” plan B’s are important but having “strategic” plan B’s are a serious waste of time. If you don’t understand the difference between strategy and tactics, read about it here. The difference is, you can’t adequately plan for a B scenario when it comes to the big picture but you can and should have a plan B for the path that gets you to your end point. Here’s what I think happens when you give yourself a strategic plan B…

Plan B gives you an excuse not to commit to your decision because you give yourself a way out.

Plan B will get you to...

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Making my bed in the morning sets me up for an entire day of accountability

unmade bed

Let’s all get better at cleaning up the mess we create for others who didn’t ask for it. I find that doing small things can psychologically train you to get better at becoming more accountable.

Start by making up your bed in the morning after you wake up. No seriously… try it for a few weeks and you will flip a switch in your brain that says “This is my bed, I slept in this bed, I made this bed messy and I will fix my bed up because no one else is obligated to make my bed for me.”

It’s an action that sets you up for accountability for the rest of the day. I know it probably sounds ridiculous, but it works for me. Who knew that my mom’s advice in my formative years would have such a big impact? “BOBBY GET BACK HERE AND MAKE UP YOUR DAMN BED!”


P.S. If your kids are old enough to make their own beds (7-8yrs) you should really...

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Give every nation nuclear-weapons capabilities and we won’t have nuclear war

nuclear missle

We’d have fewer wars, fewer lives lost, fewer excuses to invade neighboring countries if we just leveled the playing field and let everyone have nuclear weapons.

Lets get past the notion that the world would be better off if no one had nuclear weapons. It would be safer, but it’s also impossible. The nuclear powers of today will not relinquish their nuclear arsenal so that path is a no-go.

What are we left with? We are left with a serious imbalance in power where a few nuclear-nations impose their ideals and agendas on nations who feel threatened and shortchanged. The surest way to incentivize the “evil-doers” (thanks Bush) to pursue nuclear capabilities is by denying them the ability to do so.

I have a lot of faith that the nations of the world will not meet an apocalyptic fate by engaging in nuclear war. Why? Because there’s no upside. If we engage...

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Here’s why Obama will pwn Romney when all is said and done. I’ll bet you $100 i’m right.

Obama and Romney Debate 2012

Obama is going to win this Presidency, make no mistake about it.

While the entire conservative side is shaken up and energized by Romney’s double-digit surge in ratings in the past week, they underestimate how fickle voters actually are and how quickly they purge debates from their brains to give way to Desperate Housewives.

Romney and Obama will square off in three total debates. Romney won the first one… but by the time we get to debate number three, a vast majority of the swing voters won’t remember the first debate. They’ll remember the last debate. More importantly, they’ll remember the last few minutes of the last debate. Whoever wins the third debate will win the presidency.

*Here’s Obama’s advantage… * He lost the first debate, but we’re all going to forget about that next week when he wins the second debate. He will...

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What made Alexander the Great so “Great” anyway?

Alexander the Great

When he took his 50,000 person army on a 12 year march across the continent to conquer lands unknown and unseen by the Greeks, he marched with them.

When they braved the 20,000 foot climb of the Hindu Kush mountains during winter, to march into India, he braved the cold with his soldiers. They marched in a single file that stretched ten miles long on the steep edges of the mountain. Any other man might have turned back, but not him. He showed them it was possible with his sheer will to march ahead one step at a time.

When he asked his infantry to charge ahead against the formidable elephants in the Indian armies, he fearlessly led the charge from the front and struck the elephants first.

He conquered parts of western India, won a glorious battle against the Raja’s vast armies, lost thousands of soldiers in the battle then gave India back to the Raja… all because he was...

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In 2010 I re-imagined cancer treatment. Two years later, a cancer survivor wrote about it.


One of the projects I took on in 2010 was to re-imagine the practitioner portals in the field of Oncology. It was perhaps one of the more difficult things I have worked on.

The idea was to re-think the way doctors spend their 2 minutes (yes its that short of a time span) between patients to get a full health overview before walking into the room.

What practitioners use today is abysmal. Take a bit of yahoo’s homepage from 2001, add some of the worse parts of myspace and that’s what the industry is relegated to.

Two years after my re-thinking of the portal, a cancer survivor by the name of Gannon Burgett took to writing about the redesign. What he did was special and is easily my proudest moment as a designer. This is why designers fall in love with their trade, they get to rethink industries and literally change lives. Here’s what Gannon had to say…


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Make this your personal goal


“Once you decide on your occupation, you must immerse yourself in your work. You have to fall in love with your work. Never complain about your job. You must dedicate your life to mastering your skill. That’s the secret of success… and is the key to being regarded honorably.”

Jiro Ono in “Jiro Dreams of Sushi.”

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