Sunday, June 16, 2019

How people make VR porn videos

Virtual Reality porn as we all know is nothing like the normal conventional porn. So, porn companies now have to take a little different approach on how they shoot their porn videos. This is virtual reality porn we are talking about, and that is high grade and nothing short of high quality will do.

Virtual Reality porn has lesser cuts unlike the normal videos, which can always be cut easily, this is because the idea is to make it look real and actually sex doesn’t really come with all sorts of different views and angles. It’s all first person. It has to do with making porn feel real, to help viewers believe they are really in the action not that they are watching it on a TV screen.

Porn actress and actors have to stand back a lot from the camera in VR porn videos, so that the camera would get a better view and angle. The women in the video mostly complain that holding positions is more difficult because of this. Performers and producers all say VR brings a new level of vulnerability, because it’s quite difficult to hide flaws when a viewer also has a 360 degree view and no part or little part can be cut off.


A seven GoPro cameras is the type of camera used in shooting VR Porn videos just like it is done on NaughtyAmerica VR, the cameras are then bundled into a single rig. They bring all the footage together in post production. After the footage has been successfully captured, there is a program which would map the clips onto a dome, which is how one can then look around on a VR headset.


However, it should be noted that Videos that focus majorly on point-of-view experience would also suffer from position restriction; because you can’t perform a lot of popular sex acts, because doing so might cause what is known as motion sickness. If the camera is moving in VR, but your head is standing rigid, there would later be an effect on the inner ear which is most likely going to be instant nausea. Practically in porn terms, that means “goodbye, doggie style.”


Most female performers have this to say about Virtual Reality porn after a research was conducted “Filming a scene for Virtual Reality is a lot more physically challenging because the male performer can’t really move, so most of the moving around is done by myself,” she said. “The male performer can’t say anything back to me or say anything at all. I’d say it just feels a little unnatural.”


It might sound and seem uncomfortable, but all parties should agree that the end product is beneficial to everyone, viewed would get satisfied from watching such a top quality video content, performers would get paid and would please their viewers, I believe that is a win-win situation for everyone and even the performers agree to that because one of them said in the research done that “the end product is actually worth it”

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