Wednesday, May 22, 2019
Compare the 2!

Are You an Entrepreneur or a Wantrepreneur?

In today’s world, a lot of people are unable to get their dream jobs and those who can, they are not patient enough to start from the bottom and remain patient until they become what they want. The only option for them will be to set up their own businesses.

There are people who will get into the business world with an entrepreneur state of mind but there are those who will get into business with a wantrepreneur spirit. Here is a comparison between an entrepreneur and a wantrepreneur to give you a better understanding:

An entrepreneur believes in himself whereas a wantrepreneur is only focused on himself: An entrepreneur understands the importance of teamwork and works towards ensuring that everyone plays his part in the running of the business. A wantrepreneur will build his business around himself and thinks that everything around his business revolves around him.


An entrepreneur will keep growing but a wantrepreneur stays in one place complaining: An entrepreneur will keep taking small steps towards making his business better whereas a wantrepreneur is always complaining if things do not go according to his desire.


An entrepreneur is a go-getter but a wantrepreneur gives up easily: Though an entrepreneur fails a hundred times, he will get up, dust the dirt off his feet and move on. For a wantrepreneur, once a challenge crops up, they will give up on the business.


An entrepreneur works for what he needs whereas a wantrepreneur wait to be given what he wants: An entrepreneur will work on getting the funds needed to keep his business going but for a wantrepreneur, will wait until someone provides the capital that is required to keep his business going.


An entrepreneur does what he loves whereas wantrepreneur will try to copy what others are doing: For an entrepreneur, he is in business because it is his passion and he has faith it will work out well for him. For a wantrepreneur, he will try to copy what he thinks has made others succeed in the same line of business.

For an entrepreneur, he will work hard to ensure that his business succeeds and will not worry what others think of him. A wantrepreneur, on the other hand, prefers using shortcuts and would do anything to make people believe that he has made it in business. Instead of using the time to get his business moving, they spend most of their time worrying about what would happen if they fail which is usually the beginning of the downfall of their business. A successful entrepreneur is always making an effort to make himself a better businessman whereas a wantrepreneur want some get rich quick schemes that will put him on top of the corporate ladder with little effort.

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