Wednesday, May 22, 2019
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Free Online Tools Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs Can Use

Every person who sets up a business does this with an aim of making a profit out of the money that he has invested. In addition to having a team of dedicated workers, you will need to use some of the available online tools when running your business. Some of these are:

Hubspot CRM: Having the right customer relationship management tool (CRM) is important for the success of any business. Hubspot CRM will help in creating a good foundation for your business as you will be able to organize and gauge the operations of your business through it. The tool will be able to track how the sales team interacts with customers and will be a safe place where all the customers’ data will be stored so that you can effectively communicate with them based on their individual needs.


TaskQue: this is a management software that will enable an entrepreneur to track various projects so that he can know what step to take based on the available data. At times, when there are many team players, it would be difficult to keep track of what everyone is doing but using this simple tool, he will be able to know how each project is progressing.




Canva: This is a tool that will be used to create visual content that will be used on the business website, on the emails that will be sent to customers, and even on social media posts. Every entrepreneur will require presenting an appealing and attractive visual content that will generate more business.


Doodle: This is a tool that will be used to schedule appointments to ensure that you do not miss out on events that will make your business progress to the next level. The tool is free but there is a chance to upgrade and get a premium account which will be more elaborate.




Grasshopper: this is an online tool that will enable a business owner to pick a number of his choice, record customized greetings, and also enable him to add teams as well as receiving voicemail and fax messages at any location. The tool will also make it possible to get a toll-free number that will be having several extensions within the business.


Evernote: With this online tool, a business owner will be able to note down vital information on their handsets and refer to them whenever there is a need. Some of the Evernote apps have provisions for capturing articles and photos.



Every business owner should choose the tools that will make it easier to manage his business and also allow him to make more profit since he will be aware of all the transactions that his employees will be making.

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