Wednesday, May 22, 2019
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How to Start a Website with No Experience or Money

A website is one of the marketing tools that will make more people know of the existence of your business. It is also an avenue through which you will be able to generate more income with little effort. For many people, however, they have no idea how a website is made and some think that a lot of money is required to put up a website. Here are simple steps that you can follow to start a website as a beginner:


Choose a platform on which you will build the website: unlike in the past where you were required to have knowledge in coding before making a website, a content management system (CMS) has made it very easy to put up a website. The CMS software will be able to do the coding for you and will also make it easy for you to design the website, create the pages and upload posts. One of the simplest website building platforms is WordPress where you will take less than 20 minutes to have your website in place.


Select a domain name and web hosting: For your website to be properly set up, you will require a domain name such as as well as the web hosting that will allow internet users to access your website. Most of the websites will charge a small fee every month for the hosting which could be $5 per month and then provide a domain name free of charge.

To start with, you can choose the basic plan and later when your website is more established, you can upgrade to the more premium packages.

You will also need to put down the domain name you intend to use for your website on the provided box to know if it has already been taken or it is available for use.

You will then fill in your details so that your website can be registered. Once the registration process has been completed, you will create a password through which you will be able to secure your website. An email with your log in details will be sent to you and from there; you will be able to post on your website and make the world know more about your business.


Customize your website: Once your website has been successfully set up, you will be able to customize it by changing the themes, add new posts, and any other detail you need to change regarding your website. Once your website has been successfully set up, you can create the content that you want your readers to know. The information should be relevant to what the visitors are searching for so that they can keep coming back for more inspirational content on your website.

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